Day Four

Tuesday, September 11th 2012.
11 years ago we’ll never forget. Even though I was really young I still remember how I heard the news. Also a year ago I’ll never forget due to an unforgettable day I had with a few people. I won’t mention that story this time but exactly a year ago I had almost like a life changing experience.

Today, Block One & Two: Filmed all the shots we needed for Brahgdite! Now just time to edit the clips and add sound!! So far we’re so far ahead of the other groups that in no time I’ll have the link up on here for the video!! I’m the star of the video too which is great! I hope you guys will like it but it’s not done yet, by next week we’ll have it all done!

Block Three: Band, played two new pieces today, one will be played during Bandfest which is a concert that all the schools in the district come to one building and play all our different tunes we did throughout the year!

Block Four: Our teacher was back today!! Madam taught us how to speak like 15 different phrases and words! Now to remember them is gonna be tough, we have a test next week which hopefully won’t be too hard. I’m not sure how well I’ll do on memorizing but I’ll try my best!

Homecoming Day: Crazy Hair & Crazy Hat Day! (I did not participate in this one sadly :( I sadly last night could not find my temporary hair dyes, I was gonna do a third of my hair bright red, blue, and the other purple! Also spike my hair but oh well)

That’s all for Day Four! This is Soccerbest12, signing off for yet another new adventure on the way!

2 years ago on 11 September 2012 ~ 3:59pm